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Leasing your property



At Harcourts Greater Port Macquarie we provide superior customer care to both our landlords and prospective tenants.  This means for the security of your property all inspections are by appointment only. We always conduct an entry condition report, allowing us to know exactly what condition of the property was at the start of the tenancy. Selecting a suitable tenant to occupy your property is the most important step in the rental procedure.  We have a quality list of tenants that meet our stringent criteria of suitability, this means your property is in safe hands with Harcourt Greater Port Macquarie. There are many advantages in having Harcourts Greater Port Macquarie find a tenant for you.  

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Our rental applications require several checks on tenants, including an Australia wide rental checking databases, only available to agents. These checks assist us in locating the most suitable tenant by eliminating tenants who have defaulted in the past.  

The Lease
Once a tenant has been selected, we prepare the paperwork. Every document we have a tenant complete, provides the landlord with added security and ensures the tenants are fully aware of their responsibilities. We must meet a number of legal obligations under the Residential Tenancies Act , and so must your tenants. Most of these are detailed in the lease agreement. All parties involved keep a copy of the original lease, the tenant, landlord and the property managers. This binds the parties to the agreement for a specified period and sometimes beyond the term of the lease.

Property Condition 

The Act ensures that both parties have their interests protected in regards to the condition of the property. We complete a condition report detailing the condition of the property upon entry, and the tenants also add comment to this. This report can be used as evidence should any dispute arise regarding the condition of the property.

Quality Maintenance Service 
At Harcourts Greater Port Macquarie we believe all maintenance issues should be dealt with immediately in order to maintain your valuable asset and prevent further costly maintenance issues. We will always endeavour to contact you regarding maintenance issues. If in the event of an urgent repair and we are unable to contact you, we will refer to your Owners Instruction Form to ensure that these matters are handled as per your requirements and that your preferred tradesman are used. Internal inspections are also used to identify maintenance issues early, before they become costly maintenance repairs. By identifying these problems during these inspections, we can often have the matter attended to before the problem worsens and the repairs become costly. 


We ensure the utmost care when choosing tradespeople to carry out repairs on your property. Harcourts Greater Port Macquarie has compiled a register of quality tradespeople, who provide prompt service at competitive prices. All tradespeople are required to have insurance. 


What expenses do the tenants cover?

                                                                       Water bills (if separately metered) 

                                                                       Electricity, gas and telephone 
                                                                       Utility connection fees 

                                                                       Cleaning costs on vacating 

                                                                       Break lease fees if applicable 
                                                                       Any repairs for which they are liable 
                                                                       Any other expenses stipulated in the lease agreement 

What expenses does the landlord cover?

                                                                       Initial utility connection or installation costs 
                                                                       Council rates  

                                                                       Maintenance and repairs
                                                                       Body Corporate fees (if applicable) 

                                                                       Other items if agreed to in the lease agreement

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