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Property Management: it's about owners, tenants and Harcourts professionals successfully working together. It's a specialised business that requires a full range of effective, proven property management tools and solutions. It takes a lot of personal experience and knowledge too.

Residential rental property has long been a favoured investment option for many people. It's relatively easy to get into and can be particularly hassle free if handled correctly. And that's precisely where the input of Harcourts property management and letting professionals proves invaluable, They not only have a thorough understanding of the current rental market but also the knowledge of both expected short and long term trends for the future.
Investment property owners expect to achieve the very best returns possible with the least amount of trouble. These expectations are not unrealistic with Harcourts working for you. Having made the decision to employ the specialist expertise of the Harcourts Property Management team, the only thing left to do is simply sit back and relax - knowing your property is in the best hands.

Harcourts has a comprehensive and continually updated database of tenants waiting for available rental properties. If those we have available do not suit a specific tenant profile, we will advertise to ensure that we get the right tenant for the right property. All tenants are carefully interviewed and screened.

• Rental Collection. Harcourts monitors tenant payments on a regular basis and will implement immediate collection proceedings should a scheduled payment be missed.
• Property Inspections. We provide a complete and regular inspection programme as required. This is highly recommended to safeguard against property neglect or abuse.
• Maintenance. Reliable and responsible tradespeople are employed to carry out maintenance work on the properties we manage. While this may include regular jobs such as lawn mowing and gardening only appropriately qualified personnel are employed for electrical, plumbing and other specialist jobs. All work is closely supervised to ensure it is completed to the required standard.
• Financial Administration. For the efficient management of property, Harcourts accounting procedures provide the owners with a monthly statement detailing income and expenditure. Harcourts can also attend to payment for regular expenses such as rates and insurance premiums.
• Compliance with the Residential Tenancies Act. Harcourts has systems in place to ensure that the legislative requirements are carried out correctly. Professional representation for property owners in respect of tenancy matters is also available.
• RentCare (through Landlord Special Risk Insurance). Although this is not household insurance it is a unique form of protection covering you against damage to your property and loss of rent due to default by your tenant. Ask your Harcourts Property Management Team for details.

• Rental Evaluation. Harcourts constantly monitors the rental market to identify trends. Changing property values combined with favourable finance interest rates, for example, can signal when a change of rental level is appropriate. Property Managers also prepare reports to owners with all the relevant information regarding methods of maximising income from the property.
• Property Evaluation, Investing in property can be confusing. To source properties with the most investment potential the Harcourts Property Management Team will refer you to consultants experienced with the market within any potential purchasing area.

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